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Monday, 3 August 2015

'Tianhe - 2, Titan, Mira and Piz Daint' are:

Post 432
Engineering Services Examination 2015 GAT

Question 65 'Tianhe - 2, Titan, Mira and Piz Daint'  are:

A) Supercomputers
B) Stars in Milky Way galaxy
C) Nearby Galaxies
D) Comets

Answer: Supercomputers


Question 66 Viking 2, Pathfinder and Phoenix are the names of:

A) Artificial satellites around Earth
B) Spacecrafts sent towards Mars
C) Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles
D) Radio telescopes for astronomical studies

Answer: Spacecrafts sent towards Mars

Question 67 Two places in India, Rushikulya and Gahirmatha have become well known for:

A) Mass egg laying by sea turtles
B) Captive breeding of Gharial
C) Pre historic cave paintings
D) Uranium deposits

Answer: Mass egg laying by sea turtles

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