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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Cultivable land is defined as

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SSC CHSL Questions 2014

Question 176 Cultivable land is defined as

A) land actually under crops
B) cultivable waste land + fallow land
C) old fallow lands + fallow land
D) total fallow lands + net sown area

Answer: total fallow lands + net sown area


Question 177 From which part of Opium plant we get morphine?

A) Leaves
B) Stem
C) Bark
D) Fruit coat

Answer: Fruit coat

Question 178 Which of the following is a Biological method of soil conservation?

A) Contour farming
B) contour terracing
C) Gully control
D) Basin listing

Answer: Contour farming

Explanation: Contour farming is one of the Agronomic practices which help in soil conservation.

Question 179 Glucose is a type of 

A) Pentose Sugar
B) Hexose Sugar
C) Tetrose Sugar
D) Diose Sugar

Answer: Hexose Sugar

Question 180 Number of mitochondria in bacterial cell is

A) one
B) two
C) many
D) zero

Answer: zero

Question 181 The original founder of the Manuscripts and Editor of Kautilya's Arthashastra was

A) Srikanta Shastri
B) Srinivasa Iyangar
C) R. Shamashastri
D) William Jones

Answer: R. Shamashastri

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