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Monday, 6 July 2015

Brabourne Stadium ब्रेबोर्न स्टेडियम

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Brabourne Stadium ब्रेबोर्न स्टेडियम 

Question 1. In which country the Brabourne Stadium is located?
ब्रेबोर्न स्टेडियम किस देश में है ?
A) India
B) England
C) Australia
D) New Zealand
Answer: India

Question 2: Brabourne Stadium is located in which city?
ब्रेबोर्न स्टेडियम किस शहर में है ?
A) Sydney
B) Cape town
C) Mumbai
D) New South Wales
Answer: Mumbai

Question 3: Brabourne Stadium which usually helds Cricket matches was established in year
ब्रेबोर्न स्टेडियम जिसमे अक्सर क्रिकेट खेल खेला जाता है वह किस वर्ष बना ?
A) 1932
B) 1937
C) 1938
D) 1941


Friday, 26 June 2015

full form of NBL

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Question 1: What is the full form of NBL in basketball domain?
A> Night Basketball Lamp
B> National Basketball League
C> National Batton League
D> National Best League
Answer: National Basketball League
Explanation: NBL has been a major league founded in United States which later merged with BAA to form NBA.

Question 2: When was National Basketball League was founded?
A> 1949
B> 1941
Answer: 1937
Explanation NBL was founded in United States in year 1937.




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